Receive a list of files to check which need to be updated.

  • URL: /v1/file/check-files
  • Method: POST

JSON request body

An array of files in the below format:

  "files": [
      "hash": "",
      "filetype": "",
      "byteLength": ""
Key Required Data type Description
filetype Yes string File extension - ‘html’, ‘css’, ‘jpg’, etc
hash Yes string SHA1 hash of file contents
byteLength Yes number Length of the uploaded content in bytes
url No string This will be populated by the server if the file is found


  • Code: 200
  • Content type: application/json

Returns a CheckFilesResult object.

The server should check each file against the files stored on the server, and if the file is found it should populate a url property for that array element.

If a CSS file exists on the server for this user, it will be returned in the css parameter.



interface CheckFilesResult {
  success: boolean
  files: FileResult[]
  css?: {
    url: string
    hash: string


interface FileResult {
  filetype: string
  hash: string
  byteLength: number
  url?: string