When you upload your first note, your Obsidian CSS (your theme and snippets) is compiled and sent to the server. This same CSS is then used for all subsequent note shares.

This means that you can have a different theme inside your vault as you do for your shared notes. Even if you change your theme in Obsidian, it will keep using the same theme for your uploaded notes.

Changing the theme used for your shared notes

  1. Set everything up in Obsidian just how you want your shared notes to appear. This may include changing your theme and adding custom CSS snippets.
  2. Once you have everything set up how you want it, share any note by using the command Force re-upload of all data for this note.
  3. The theme on the server will be replaced.

You may not see the theme update immediately. Because your browser caches files (stores a copy of them locally), you may continue to see the old theme, even after you have updated it.

To force yourself to see the new theme, you can open a note in a Private Browsing or Incognito tab. You can also “hard refresh” a note to force all assets to download again fresh from the server.